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My Approach


I was born in Bar Harbor, Maine in 1985

I always sketched from the time I can remember. learned to paint at age 12. A local painter and family friend, Nathan Hall showed me how to use oil paints and was in love from the beginning. I continued to paint through high school (MDI) and began selling my work when I was 17.


I attended Colby College and graduated in 2007 with degrees in Sociology and Art, with a concentration in oil painting. Upon graduation from Colby, I received the Charles Hovey Pepper Prize in Art for meritorious work in painting.


Since graduation my work has appeared in numerous summer art shows and occasionally galleries in Maine.


My subjects are inspired by the coastal, rural, and urban landscape, and by everyday objects. I currently live in Portland, Maine

My Approach

In my work I aspire above all to let paint be paint. When applied with intention and care, the brush strokes, texture, tone and color of the paint will do the work of creating a sense of light and space. For me, subject matter is a vehicle for interesting arrangements of light and color. The success of a painting is in its ability to entertain the eye each time it is viewed. The majority of my paintings (landscapes, cityscapes, and still-lifes) are painted en plein air. I find the infinite tones and colors of nature awaken the imagination, and provide a platform from which to launch a successful painting experience.​

Recent Awards and Recognition
  • (2018) Argosy Gallery: 1st Place in category x, 2nd Place in category y. Juried group show with 6 categories.

  • (2018) A new book, Paintings of Portland featured one of my paintings.