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How do commissions work?

Have you been thinking about a commission but are too shy to find out more? This blog post is for you.

There are many reasons why people contact me for a commission. They may want a special subject or place painted, or a particular color palette, or they may want a series of paintings of a particular size. Whatever your reason, I can help.

A reference photo is helpful for discussing the composition.

Do you have an idea for a commission? Great! Use these questions to flesh out your idea:

1. Which of my paintings speak to you and why? Is it the brush strokes, the colors, the composition, or something else? What elements do I want to make sure I include in your painting?

2. Is there any useful information I can show or me about the subject? Photos are helpful. Can the subject be painted from life?

3. How big will the painting be? This may depend on the space you have for hanging, your budget, or both. You can choose from a standard size, or if you prefer, I can put together an odd size canvas for you. I charge about the same for a commission as I do for a similar size painting hanging in my gallery or other galleries. You can check my website for prices.

The final product is a collaborative effort. I will get your feedback along the way.

4. Who will do the framing and what kind of frame do you want? Typically, I offer to put a plein air style or floater frame on the painting. Odd sized paintings require custom frames, which cost a little more. If you do the framing yourself, it would cost a little less.

5. When do you need the commission completed? Typically, it can take up to three weeks to complete a painting up to 16” x 20.” Larger or more complex paintings could take longer. If you need the painting in less than three weeks, just ask. I may be able to accommodate you depending on my schedule. Typically, I sketch the composition and get your approval before beginning, then check in with you again near the end of painting to see what modifications are needed before finalizing the work.

Now that you have fleshed out your idea, what are you waiting for? Call or write to me to get started on your commission today.

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