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New work and Upcoming Shows

Hello and happy spring! I spent most of the winter in my nice warm studio, taking refuge from the snow and the pandemic. Now that the weather is better I'll be out plein air painting again. Before the season really ramps up, I figured I would show some of my newer paintings and send out my show schedule for the next few months.

New Work!

For price information, visit my website:

Upcoming Shows

  • Maine College of Art Collect Show: June 15-22 Online or June 23-25 in Person at ICA Gallery, 522 Congress Street in Portland

  • CFAAM Outdoor Show, July 23-24, Harbor House, Southwest Harbor

  • Art in the Park, August 13, Mill Creek Park, South Portland

Shout out to Colin Page

A few weeks ago I took a workshop with the talented Colin Page and he shared some great insights about color. His emphasis on color temperature and saturation rather than value definitely influenced my thinking. Comparing paintings before and after the workshop you can see I'm more likely to keep the value range tighter.

Before the workshop: note how the painting ranges from very bright to very dark

After the workshop: note how the shadows remain lighter, with more emphasis on color temperature (cool shadows, warm sunlight).

I hope to see you all at a show soon, but if not, stop my my studio space if you are in Portland or just email me if you see something you like and want shipped to you.

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