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New Studio Space in Portland!

Good news, friends! I have secured a new studio space in the heart of Portland, just minutes from my doorstep. My new space is located at the State Theater Building at 615 Congress Street. Click here for directions.

State Theater Building, viewed from Congress Street

The new 300sf space serves several purposes:

  • A place to store and show my work so it can seen all year round

  • A place dedicated to painting and being creative

  • A place to be with other artists (there are so many in this building!)

With bigger walls and more space to store work, I can now paint much larger than I was previously able. I hope to have some mammoth paintings to show you soon.

For those who would like to visit to see work or just to say hello, please contact me at for an appointment or come visit on the First Friday of the month from 5-7:30pm.

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