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Mini-Gallery Closed October 1st

Sad news, friends. My mini-gallery at 645 Congress Street in Portland is closed for good, as my landlord has decided to repurpose the space. I want to thank all who visited and encourage you to keep up with my latest work on my website. I will also be sure to let you know of upcoming shows that I am part of.

So what is next!? I will be looking around for gallery representation in Southern Maine, and beyond. I have been really enjoying being a part of the Argosy Gallery in Bar Harbor this year and last year, and hopefully that will continue. For now most of my paintings are living at home with me, but if you want to see something, give me a shout. I live in Central Maine but I am in Southern Maine at least once a week and I travel Downeast periodically.

I just got back from attending a one week workshop in Rockland with Colley Whisson, an amazing Australian painter. It was the perfect weather week for plein air painting, and I picked up so much from watching Colley paint. I got some great feedback on my work, and encouragement to keep going. One think that Colley kept suggesting was lighter lights and darker darks (more contrast!), as well as some sharper lines to make the focal point pop. I can already see my work improving with this new advice. Thanks Colley!

Rockland Boathouse

11" x 14" oil on linen


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