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New Website!

Hello readers! Welcome to my new blog. This first post will be a quick run down of the new website. My old designer platform was feeling a bit clunky so I have decided to overhaul the look from a very dark page, to something cleaner and lighter. What do you think?

Old page:

New Page

I modeled the front page after another Maine artist who I admire, Colin Page. It's simple and helps people find what they are looking for when they come to an artist's site: images of the art.

Another change is the addition of this blog, where I can share more details about my process. Hundreds of you visit the site every month so this is a great way to keep content fresh.

Focus on New Work

Some of you may have noticed that "archived paintings" have gone away. While it important to document older work that is either archived or sold, I decided that the website should really focus on my current work. Those who are interested in following along in my journey will now be able to find old paintings here in my blog.

If you have enjoyed this post, consider subscribing or to sharing it with other artists or collectors.

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