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What is it about Monhegan?

Artists have be flocking to Monhegan, a little island 10 miles off the Maine coast, since the mid-19th century. My first trip to Monhegan was in 2015. I've been going back every year since then.

For me, Monhegan is a retreat, a place where my only activity (other than eating and sleeping) is painting. This task is made very enjoyable by the fact that there are no end to the beautiful combinations of sky, sea, and rock to paint. I always plan my visit with other artists, so we can encourage and celebrate our creative endeavors together. When I am there, my brush strokes become freer and more confident. I get into a groove. I usually complete about three paintings a day, all plein air.

If you are an artist and looking for some friends to paint with on Monhegan, get in touch with me. I've already booked my cottage in June 2019.

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